We provide a bespoke, tailored approach to debt recovery, working alongside restructuring professionals and insolvency practitioners. We work closely with banks and other financial institutions, including mortgage service providers, short term lenders and family trusts, assisting in cases where the lender wishes to pursue enforcement through the administration route.

Our LPA Receivership specialists are skilled in every detail of the technical and practical aspects of the receivership process. We tailor our services to suit the individual needs of the client whilst meeting our professional obligations at every step, ensuring maximum value is obtained from the asset.

Our services include:

  • Pre-receivership report, where applicable
  • Pre-appointment consultation
  • Pre-receivership mediation support
  • Securing, repairing and insurance of the property
  • Taking possession, where applicable
  • Management and disposal strategy
  • Handling monies due and mitigating financial losses
  • Arrangement of sale
  • Distribution of proceeds of sale
  • Professional property assessment by a RICS-registered Chartered Surveyor
  • Full asset management, including planning permission, lease negotiations, tenancy agreements and other actions to optimise resale value

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LPA Receivership: Borrower Services

Once an LPA receiver acts as an agent of the borrower, rather than the lender. As such, the receiver has powers to manage the property as agent of the borrower. This allows them to collect rental income for the lender or sell the property (subject to the mortgage deed terms and conditions). Depending on the terms of the mortgage deed, the receiver may also have additional powers, such as the ability to develop the property in order to maximise its value.

Perry Hill can act on behalf of the borrower in such cases, facilitating the obligations of the receivership process and ensuring a satisfactory outcome for the borrower.

LPA Receivership: Lender Services

A lender may wish to appoint an LPA receiver in a number of scenarios. A receiver may be appointed by the lender in the case of buy-to-let mortgages, where the property has the potential to generate income, and where possession is either non-viable or inappropriate. A receiver may also be appointed for ordinary residential mortgages.

Perry Hill is an skilled provider of LPA receivership services, experienced in alleviating liability from lenders and ensuring efficient sale and management strategies to recover debts owed.

LPA Receivership: Debt Servicer Services

As mortgage administrators, debt servicers handle the majority of the financial obligations associated with the debt on behalf of the lender. As intermediary between the financial institution and the borrower, when the borrower defaults on a loan it will fall to the debt servicer to appoint an LPA receiver.

Perry Hill has extensive experience in providing receivership services to debt servicers in commercial and residential debt recovery cases. Our specialist services are designed to offer bespoke solutions for debt servicers on a range of case types.

Why Choose Perry Hill Chartered Surveyors?

  • We work to the highest RICS and ALEP professional standards
  • We provide expert advice and guidance
  • Our area knowledge of London, Surrey and the Home Counties is detailed. This enhances our ability to provide quality reports.
  • Our reports are usually returned to the client within 10 working days of inspection depending upon complexity.
John Attridge
John Attridge
Perry Hill helped us successfully negotiate the purchase of some land around our property. We found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process and would have no hesitation recommending them.
John Rubin
John Rubin
Extremely professional, very reliable and good people to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending Perry Hill, Chartered Surveyors
Countrywide Telecoms
Countrywide Telecoms
Amazing business. The team at Perry Hill are always very responsive with our requests and the team always works hard to give me the best service.
Synergy Physio
Synergy Physio
Highly competent service, tailored to the individual business and with great results - have used Mike and his team a number of times and would recommend to anyone.
Frances Cassell
Frances Cassell
Always receive a great level of service from a friendly team - thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions about LPA Receivership

What is LPA Receivership?

An LPA Receiver will be appointed by a lender when the borrower has failed to pay monies due on a property. LPA Receivership is a legal method allowing a mortgage to be paid without the lender repossessing the property.

The role of an LPA receiver is to enforce the fixed charge over the property in question. A lender holding a fixed charge or mortgage has the right to appoint an LPA receiver pursuant to section 101(1)(iii) of the Law of Property Act 1925 (LPA 1925), once the secured debt has become due.

An LPA Receiver is generally appointed for the purpose of either selling the charged property or collecting the rental income from it on behalf of the lender.

When is an LPA Receiver appointed?

When a borrower defaults on the mortgage or there is a breach of a provision in the mortgage deed, an LPA Receiver (also known as the Fixed Charge Receiver) can be appointed by the lender to recover the debt.

What powers does an LPA Receiver have?

The LPA Receiver’s primary power is the recovery of monies, including rent, due on a property. The Receiver’s responsibility is ultimately to the lender, but other parties – such as debt guarantors and other third parties – will have to be taken into account.

Why should a lender appoint an LPA Receiver?

By appointing a Receiver, the lender is able to exercise control over a secured asset whilst alleviating themselves from the risks and responsibilities of such. These responsibilities include, for example, business rates, maintenance and repair, licensing and regulatory requirements. The Receiver, essentially, acts as a buffer between the lender and the responsibilities of the property.

What our clients say about Perry Hill Chartered Surveyors

I work with Perry Hill because I find that I, and my clients receive a professional and commercial approach in a timely manner for Leasehold Reform work. I have found their valuations to be accurate and they never have to be chased!

Leasehold Expert

Mike is a well recommended commercial agent, an experienced negotiator, pro-active and persistent. Well-connected and great for closing transactions.

Birchwood Commercial

We work with Perry Hill because it was paramount for our Islington Square development (Upper Street, Islington N1), that suppliers were both willing and able to meet strict specifications, given the historic nature of the site, and the high standard of development.

Perry hill have done just that, committing time at the outset to fully understand all requirements, and then supply the service to meet our cost/programme/budget.

Gilliard Homes Ltd

Perry Hill have sold distressed assets in Surrey, their appointment ensured a timely disposal at full Market Value.

Pyle Owen

We love working with Perry Hill for their expertise and advice, which is delivered in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner, invariably in very quick time.

Bonnetts Solicitors

We work with Perry Hill because of their efficiency and reliability. We moved offices this year and Mike and his team took over everything from the price negotiations, to recommending an excellent solicitor, surveying the building and assisting us all the way to completion. We have no problem in recommending Perry Hill to our clients and do where appropriate.

HFM Columbus

My colleagues and I have used the services of Perry Hill on numerous occasions for valuation, professional services and specific advice. The team at Perry Hill have always understood the requirements of our firm and/or our clients and they have always provided an excellent professional service. I have no hesitation in recommending Perry Hill.

Breeze & Associates Ltd

We have used Perry Hill’s services for the past 15 years for commercial valuations and commercial property sales. Mike and his team have always proved to be professional, diligent and provided the very best service that one can expect from a professional organisation. We can highly recommend Perry Hill for any commercial transactions and we wish them all the very best success.

Childs Play Centres (UK)

I am so impressed by the professional service I received from Perry Hill surveyors. Mike Aldous produced a detailed report that clearly described my issue and helped me conclude a long and difficult compensation claim

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